Abena Kyeremaa Yeboah Wins the 2021 National Junior Speller For Basic 5 - 9

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Abena Kyeremaa Yeboah Wins The Third Edition of The Junior Speller

The third edition of the Junior Speller contest brought students across the country to compete. Among the thirty – five finalists in the basic 5-9 category, it was hard for anyone to predict who was going to be the next national champion till Abena Kyeremaa Yeboah, a grade 9 learner from Holy Cross High School spelt “bibliotheca”. Lawrencia Siaw Otoo, a student of Good Shepherd R/C Basic School, from Kumasi missed her word, “Reggaeton”. Abena’s championship word was “Pneumoencephalogram”, a word she spelt to the amazement of the audience.

The joy of her peers and teachers could not be describe by words. They chanted the school’s anthem on top of their voices.

The 13 year Old Abena Kyeremaa Yeboah lifted high the name of the school in the presence of 44 other schools at the Grand Finale. Abena took home GHC 2000.00 cash prize, a lenovo screentouch laptop, a 10inch tablet, advanced Oxford Dictionary, a trophy, and a school bag.

Congratulations Abena Kyeremaa Yeboah!!!

Heavenly Abokuma Asafo-Adjei Wins The Maiden Edition Of The National Junior Speller For Basic 1 - 4

The basic 1-4 category of the Junior Speller Spelling contest was introduced by the Born Heroes Foundation after they realised and consultation with various schools that spelling is a challenge for the basic 1-4 learners. Knowing that it would be absolutely difficult for the basic one students to compete with basic 5-9 learners. Although we still see that it is not easy for the basic 1 learner to compete with the basic 4 but we always see it as a way for the basic one learner to gain more experience.

The 2021 National Finals brought together 35 learners from private and public schools after they had gone through the school spelling contest/audition. The next phase of the contest was the quarter finals and the semi-finals. Heavenly Abokuma Asafo РAdjei, a learner from Standard Foundation School in Accra. Heavenly is eight years old, a basic 3 learner. She had to go on several rounds with Master Obed Addo,who missed deterioration when Miss Abokuma spelt encapsulate right. 

Miss Abokuma was given “Archaeologist” as the championship word. People couldn’t hold their joy when she spelt it right.¬†

Congratulations Heavenly Abokuma Asafo-Adjei.

Abena Kyeremaa Yeboah receives her cash prize.

Junior Speller Star 2021 For Basic 1-4

Ekow Nhyira Achin-Abeka

Junior Speller Star 2021 For Basic 5-9

Bridgitt Boansi

Heavenly Abokuma Asafo-Adjei receives her cash prize.

Abena Yeboah receives a laptop

This programme helps you to become a good listener.

Abena Yeboah receives a 10inch tablet

Junior Speller helps learners to pay attention to details.

Lawrencia Siaw Otoo receives a 10 inch tablet

Junior Speller prepares you to excel in future.

Timtooni Nusrat receives a 10 inch tablet

Junior Speller trains you to think faster and better.

Bridgitt Boansi receives a 10 inch tablet

Junior Speller helps learners to thrive under pressure.


Junior Speller builds your self-confidence.

Pearl Martey receives a tablet
Seyram Amevor receives a tablet
Ekow Nhyira Achin-Abeka receives a tablet
Richmond Tenadu receives a tablet
Erica Thompson receives a tablet
Awelana Weseh receives a tablet
Enock Tetteh receives a tablet
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